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Interiors By Kay is a Florida-based design studio specializing in comprehensive renovations and new construction projects.

We design homes that are more personal than perfect—deeply meaningful rather than simply lived in.
Owner, Principal Designer 

Kayla Smith

IBK is a is a full service interior design firm creating bespoke,  expressive spaces for high-end residential and commercial clients. Our multi-disciplinary team specializes in designing interiors that reflect a deep understanding of our clients’ unique personalities and lifestyles, providing a meaningful backdrop to a life well-lived.

Kayla's love for design was always in the background as she spent years helping friends and family re do their spaces as well as her own. In 2022 she took her obsession with interiors full time and opened Interiors by Kay, thanks to many clients that have trusted her along the way. Now Kayla and her team tackle projects nationwide, guiding homeowners through the renovation and new build process, while helping them craft their true sense of place. 

When not designing, Kayla is working on more business ventures with John, at home listening to music in the kitchen while cooking, working out, or outside enjoying nature.

Our Values

We believe that our best work happens when we all work together. We value community and have strong long-lasting relationships with our clients. We work closely with architects, builders, and tradesman to turn houses into homes. We have a small but mighty team that we couldn't do it without. 


Our distinct designs require a dedication to authenticity—to putting your truest self on display. We get to know our clients well and design one-of-a-kind homes that reflect the people living in them. We use our experience and expertise to guide clients as we help bring their personalities to life. 

Intentional Living

 We are passionate about creating an environment that inspires you to slow your pace, connect with loved ones, and savor the moment. We live for the original art, the conversation starter objects, and the handmade tiles. It’s the pieces of your life, thoughtfully collected and intentionally placed that make a house home.

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