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Four Things to Buy Vintage

We have this saying around here that all new homes need something old, and all old homes need something new. Here at the studio, I'd say that incorporating vintage pieces is the one consistent in our designs. Bringing in vintage items incorporates soul into any home and ties in pretty well with our values of incorporating authenticity and personality into spaces. One of the greatest things about vintage is that pieces are one of a kind! Of course we are not filling homes entirely with vintage goods, it's all about balance and strategically creating moments of interest. Here are the four vintage items we love incorporating into our projects.

Design by Interiors by Kay, Photo Hannah Forrestor


Our first choice for furnishings would be custom-made, but vintage and antique are a very close second. They're often conversation starter pieces and I find to be more durable than mass-produced versions. Sofas are already broken in so super comfortable; wood pieces are made by hand and not from mdf replicas therefore they stand the test of time, and chairs are true to size because if you've noticed it seems like factory furniture keeps being made smaller and smaller these days!


Don't be worried about buying rugs that are used, they are work horses and incredibly durable! Way more so than the big box retail rugs. Often hand-made wool they are truly made for messy areas. They are like fine wine, they get better with age. Their dark colors and busy patterns disguise spills and their natural fibers are often easier to clean than factory made counterparts. We love using vintage runners in the kitchen, hallways, entries, and mudrooms. Vintage rugs are often longer and narrower so we will layer them with a jute rug underneath in main living spaces. I find the unique sizes to be perfect when working with tricky layouts.

Art & Vessels

We love to incorporate small scale pieces of vintage art or decor in unexpected places whether that's in a kitchen leaning against the backsplash, layered on a mantle over the fireplace, or as a design solution to tricky area. Antique art and vessels are often affordable and are readily available in local spots.

Where to Shop Online

For a good deal: Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and Ebay

For curated collections: 1st dibs, Heirlooms & Co, FlipAtik Mid Century, Chairish, One King's Lane, Vintage Rug Shop, Panolpi, Elsie Green, the list goes on and on!


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